Black Women TV Characters that changed a Generation

Happy International Women's Day! I decide I want to talk about just a few Black TV Characters that have made a difference in this generation by playing their characters on television. They should us Black Girl Magic.

Phylicia Rashad: Clair Huxtable

Clair being a lawyer, a mother of 5, and grandmother of 3, she's intelligent and strong. Clair is always willing to defend herself or her opinion and rarely backs down from an argument she feels passionate about with confidence and class. Clair is a True Queen and she is Black Girl Magic.

Janet Hubert: Vivian 'Aunt Viv' Banks

Vivian is a no-nonsense, vocally talented, impressive intellect, career-minded woman, and a mother. Vivian proves that middle age woman can do anything, like doing a whole dance routine. Aunt Viv is Black Girl Magic.

Dawnn Lewis: Jalessa Vinson-Taylor

Jaleesa is brave woman by enrolling in college after being divorced and being a mature student at age 25. Jaleesa will do anything to get that degree. She ends up running her own business company, being a wife and a mother.

Jasmine Guy: Whitley Gilbert-Wayne

Whitley the original bad and bougee with her designer clothes and confident attitude. For the first time on her own without her father’s wallet and she ends up making a life of her own by using her education. Whitley truly the example of being Independent Black Woman.

Karyn Parsons: Hilary Banks

Hilary is a strong sense of integrity and resilient when her fiancé dies from a bungee jumping accident. Hilary has her successful talk show. Hilary has an amazing sense of style. Hilary is the definition of Strong Black Woman.

Charnele Brown: Kimberly Reese

Kim was the physical embodiment of what the perfect student should be. Kim being one of the only female med students at Hillman, she proves that she is as smart as her male counterparts. Kim definitely inspired a whole generation of black female doctors. Kimberly Reese is the true definition of Black Girl Magic.

Cree Summer: Winifred “Freddie” Brooks

Freddie is free spirit, energetic, and compassionate. Freddie always there for a protest. Today she would be fighting along with the BLM movement. Freddie proves that you could be exactly who you want to be despite the naysayers, especially when she decided to go to law school so she can study the system and change the system within.

Tracee Ellis Ross: Joan Clayton

Joan has a career driven personality and who frequently looks out for her friends. Joan being a successful lawyer and deciding that she doesn’t like that career anymore and changes careers. Proving the women don’t need to stick to one career path.

Golden Brooks: Maya Wilkes

Maya is the around the way girl with drive. Maya is not ashamed of whom she is, as a teen mother from Compton who works her way up to be successful author. Maya always told us like it is and tends to be blunt but always honest. Oh Hell Yes for Maya being Strong Black Woman.

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